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When a loved one moves into Autumn Meadows, the flurry of new faces can be confusing for seniors and their family members. We provide a specially trained staff member who is assigned specifically to your family member to make the transition as smooth as possible.  We are there to assist with any immediate needs or concerns. Our mission is to create the best experience for our residents. Whether it’s joining in for a community event, cooking a resident’s favorite meal or just taking the time to say hello, our staff strives to make each moment of each day something to smile about. See for yourself what makes our assisted living staff so special by stopping by for a tour, or give us a call at 1-301-262-0123 for more information.


1. Ongoing Training

Both the community management staff as well as the medical professionals need to meet state-mandated standards of care in addition to continuous education program training. A good team consists of knowledgeable individuals who are motivated, informed and remain current with their licenses and certifications. Autumn Meadows also provide their own training and education programs to get everyone on the same page, with a consistent methodology for care and processes.


2. Good Communication

Families and residents rely on assisted living care teams to not only inform them of their loved ones’ medical conditions, but also work within their teams to provide stellar care. Whether that’s a computer system for tracking care and medical treatment, or good email and phone communication to help keep everyone informed.


3. Teamwork-Focused

Good care requires teamwork, bottom line. The assisted living managers need to be on the same page as the event and kitchen staff, and the medical teams to keep everyone informed. Quality of life for residents also includes good camaraderie, community harmony and fun events, and good teamwork is the heart of each of these things. Autumn Meadows has an excellent team of caring individuals that pull together as a team to make their residents stay as comfortable and happy as possible.


4. Beyond Standards of Care

State-mandated rules and regulations of care are clear, and care teams must meet these requirements. But going beyond these standards of care is for what our assisted living community strives. Keeping residents happy and healthy is our goal. In fact, many residents and caregivers become close friends as they spend so much time together. Going beyond standards of care means creating a senior living experience that puts residents first from both a care and humanity perspective.


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